We have collocated servers in Rapidswitch Maidenhead Data Centre. Our servers are connected with Gigabit links to their networks. All of our servers are DELL - R320, R420, R720, R820.
Rapidswitch Rack center Rapidswitch Rack centre 1 is a UK based purpose-built colocation data centre - designed to keep your servers safe, secure and fully operational at all times.
Clean and constant power is delivered by fully redundant Riello UPS system and in the case of a mains failure, power is provided by diesel generators capable of running the data centre indefinitely.
Data centre access is limited to security-cleared personnel and enforced by extensive CCTV monitoring and access control systems. Rapidswitch supports a choice of network connectivity with up to 10Gbps available in all locations. Clustered Website Hosting provides a fantastic well managed cluster. Unlike many hosting companies we do not place all our services on to one single server. This way performance is a lot better for your website. We also use a range of different types of hardware for each service. For example Email & Databases run from NVMe disks as they perform a lot quicker, which is needed for Email & Databases. Where websites are on SSD hard drives which are still good performance, but can hold allot more data.
Below is an example of our clustered setup.

Although only 1 Email server/Ftp/DB server is shown above, we do have several of these machines and many more web servers.

By offering more than 1 Physical DNS Server, this allows us to offer you better speed and performance of your website. If one DNS Server is busy or is down, their is always a secondary DNS Server waiting to take on the traffic.

The DNS Server has the information stored of what server to send the visitor to for the requested web page.