How to generate CSR /certificate signing request/

CSR is only needed if you want to buy SSL from third party provider. If you buy SSL from us you dont need to send this information


Please send us the following information in order to generate CSR / /


NAME* /Name of the Person in charge of the website./

Email* your email address for if we need to contact you.

Organisation/Company Name*

Organisational Unit* /ie Sales Department/

Locality* /Your City/Town ie London/

State/Province* /County name, if no country, enter the same as Locality /


Full SSL Path* /this is where the SSL is to be created for example would generate enter your full domain as you would like the

SSL Certificate to be configured for. /


please forward WEBMASTER@ yourdomain to forward emails to NETWORKDNS@NETWORKDNS.BIZ


When we generate CSR you can buy SSL from third-party providers like or


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