Feb 24th Нetwork issue affecting VPS clients and shared hosting clients

Dear customers,currently we are experiencing a server issue related to the mail server, shared server with IP and Control panel access.We are already working on it and are hoping to resolve it asap.We appreciate your understanding.Best regards,ASPNETHOSTING support teamUpdate 15:30 The issue has been successfully resolved.It was a ... Read More »

Feb 23rd Technical issues which affect shared hosting servers with IPs and, also with the physical server hosting VMs (VPS8)

Dear clients,Currently, we experience technical issues which affect the shared hosting servers with IPs and, also with the physical server hosting VMs (VPS8).The tech team in the datacenter is working on the issues and they should be resolved soon.Thank you for your patience!Kind regards,ASPNETHOSTING Support ... Read More »

Feb 12th Mail server issue

Dear clients,

our team is currently dealing with an issue on our mail server.

We appreciate your patience while we are investigating.

Kind regards, 
Aspnethosting Support Team

Update: 12:15 The mail server issue has been successfully resolved.

Feb 1st Server with IP is down

Dear Customers,   Our VPS server with main IP has crashed. We are working to resolve the issue. We will provide an update in 1 hour.   Kind regards, Aspnethosting Support Team   Update at 21.10 GMT Our technical team is still working on the issue and doing their best to resolve it as soon as possible. We sincerely ... Read More »

Jan 25th OS crash on server with main IP

Dear customers, Yesterday - 24.01.2018 - the OS of our server with main IP has crashed and couldn't be restarted. This affects all clients hosted on the High RAM SSD plans and also websites using the following SQL server - Currently we are extracting copy of the file structure using DOS. Please note that ... Read More »

Jan 13th Planned migration to new hardware on server with IP - Update

Dear Clients, As we informed you through the Announcement section in our portal and through personal emails, we migrated all hosting plans from server with IP to our newest server. Today we stopped IIS service of the server and after a couple of days we will stop the DNS. If you detect any issues with your websites, if the DNS were ... Read More »

Jan 5th Server with IP will be powered down and physically relocated to new infrastructure

We notify you of a service impacting upgrade that we will need to carry out on the following server: IP The server will be powered down and physically relocated to new infrastructure. This is part of a large scale consolidation and upgrade of our datacenter. We apologize for the interruption of service this will cause, however we ... Read More »

Jan 2nd Planned migration to new hardware on server with IP

Dear Clients, It is time to inform you that we plan to move our current server with IP and all websites and databases on it to a completely new hardware. There will be no downtime during the migration of the website and databasses. Also that migration will not affect your emails. After the migration you will have to change the ... Read More »

Nov 11th Mail server migration to new hardware - Update

Regarding the migration of the mail server to new hardware, which was planned to be done on November 11, we need to inform you that due to technical reason we have to postpone the process for Saturday, 12.11. We set up the process the best way we could in order to minimize that downtime due to DNS change.If there is such downtime, we expect it to ... Read More »

Nov 9th Mail server migration to new hardware and update to newer version

We would like to inform you that we prepare migration of the mail server to completely new hardware which will ensure better performance and enhanced security. Furthermore, we will update the mail server to a newer version of SmarterMail providing improved functionalities. The migration is planned on November, 11.11., early in the morning. The ... Read More »