How to send email from your code?

' Visual Basic Sample - Sending SMTP Authenticated E-mail

' Please replace in code with your domain hosted with us
Private Sub SendEmail()
' Create a new MailMessage object and specify the "From" and "To" addresses
Dim message As New MailMessage("From email", "To Email", "Subject", "Body message")
Dim emailClient As New SmtpClient("") 
' Authentication
Dim basicAuthenticationInfo As New System.Net.NetworkCredential("", "Password")
emailClient.UseDefaultCredentials = False
emailClient.Credentials = basicAuthenticationInfo
message.IsBodyHtml = True
Catch ex As Exception
MessageBox.Show("Error sending email: " + ControlChars.NewLine _
+ ControlChars.NewLine + ex.Message)
End Try
End Sub









<network host="" port="8889" userName="" password="password" />



















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