Sep 22nd Server Memory upgrade for server with IP

RAM modules will be replaced on 23.09.2017 at 1:00 GMT  on server IP
Downtime will be 30 minutes.

Jun 22nd DDoS attack detected to the following IP address

We were informed by the datacenter that Pulsant DDoS protection system detected a DDoS attack to the following IP address were forced to null route the IP in order to stop the attack. They informed us that the null route will be removed up to approximately 120 minutes after the attack was detected.That caused the websites ... Read More »

Jun 1st Domain Pricing Update

We have updated our domain registration prices today which will effect all new domain name registrations and renewals. You can check all TLDs pricing here:

May 26th MySQL server migration to a new IP

Tonight (28.05 at 2 a.m.) we are going to migrate one of our MySQL servers - - to a new physical server. The IP of this MySQL server will be changed to If you are using in your connection strings, you don't need to do any changes.If you are using the current IP instead ... Read More »

May 8th Server with IP is currently not working

The issue has been successfully resolved. Following a hardware issue on the server with IP an iDrac board needed to be replaced. Last night we tried to complete this and unfortunately the replacement was not successful. As a result there is an OS issue with the same server in the moment with which we are currently trying to deal. We ... Read More »

May 4th Major Network Incident under investigation

Monitoring - Current Status: Newbridge OK - Reduced resilienceSouth Gyle OK - Reduced resilienceMilton Keynes OK - Reduced resilienceMaidenhead OK - Reduced resilience South London OK - Full resilience Reading OK - Full resilience Pulsant will be performing Emergency Maintenence to restore resilience tonight 04/05/2017 time to be confirmed. Kind ... Read More »

Apr 27th Server IP: migration

Server IP: crashed and all websites migration needed We are sorry to inform you that one of our servers crashed. The DNS settings of the server are: IP: We gave our best to keep it working but eventually it crashed due to updates, several issues, etc. In ... Read More »

Nov 15th Server with IP is currently not working

Following a network issue with one of our datacenters in London our server with IP is currently not working. This is affecting the hosting plans located on it and as a result the websites there are not functioning. The datacenter technicians assured us that they are working on resolving the issue in the moment. Please excuse us for ... Read More »

Aug 19th SmarterMail mail server upgrade

SmarterTools announced the release of SmarterMail 15 to which we will upgrade all SmarterMail customers on 20.08.2015 at 05:00 GMT. The mail server will be off for half an hour. No actions are needed from your end. We will prevent any data loss. A complete listing of the new features and improvements is available on the SmarterMail 15.x Release ... Read More »

Aug 15th Mail server blocked in the network of MSN - Outlook, Hotmail,

In late July our mail server was blocked in the network of MSN - Outlook, Hotmail, That causesd huge problems to us and our customers. We requested unblocking a lot of times and especially more information why the mail server was blocked and finally we got the needed information. "MSN implemented a new tool for its mail services: ... Read More »